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Children's Dentistry In Newnan, GA

Family Oriented Dental Care

Our Newnan dental professionals strive to deliver the highest-quality care possible to you and your loves one. As a family-oriented dental practice in Newnan, we specialize in children’s dentistry for patients over the age of three. Our skilled and compassionate dental professionals love to work with toddlers and teenagers alike and no personality is too bold for our team.

There are several dental problems that affect the oral health of children, including tooth decay and early tooth loss. Without proper dental care, children are vulnerable to dental decay and disease that could trigger a lifetime of oral health complications. Our children’s dentistry services were designed to give you, the caretaker, peace of mind as we provide your loved ones with top-notch dental services.

Routine Cleanings And Exams

Children should visit their Newnan dentist for a routine checkup and cleaning twice a year, just like adults. This will ensure that your child’s mouth receives the TLC it needs while it is still developing. It will also help to promote the health and longevity of your child’s teeth, jaw, and gums, and give them more confidence as they grow into their smile.

Routine dental exams will help your child’s dentist look out for any potential development problems, like crowding or crooked teeth. Dental problems developed at a young age are commonly the result of:

  • Baby bottle tooth decay
  • Thumb sucking
  • Oral injuries, often from sports
  • Imbalanced diet
  • Improper oral care

Should the treatment fall outside of our scope of work, we are happy to recommend you to an experienced and trusted orthodontist.

Other Children's Dentistry Services

Our Newnan office provides a wide range of services targeted at specific dental problems from a young age. On top of routine dental cleanings and exams, we are pleased to offer:

  • Preventive dental care (i.e. fluoride treatments)
  • Nutrition and habit counseling
  • Early assessment of alignment issues/improper bites
  • Treatment of tooth decay and cavities
  • Diagnosis and treatment of oral infections and diseases
  • Management of gum disease and pediatric periodontal disease
  • Care for dental-related injuries

At Southern Smiles Newnan, the safety, comfort, and well-being of your entire family is our top priority. Keeping baby teeth healthy is crucial to a child’s overall health and wellness. Get their oral health on the right track early on by contacting our Newnan dental team today.