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Dental Crowns In Newnan, GA

Restore The Shape Of Your Teeth

Crowns are an ideal treatment option for patients who want to restore the shape, size, and integrity of their tooth or teeth. A crown is a permanent covering that sits over a damaged or decayed tooth, helping you achieve a more natural-looking smile that simultaneously improves your oral health. Patients who practice good oral hygiene and maintain regular dental appointments can keep their crown intact for up to 15 years.

How Are Crowns Made?

Each crown is custom-made using durable, high-quality materials like porcelain. Crowns can also be fabricated from:

  • Porcelain bonded to metals
  • All-metal or gold
  • Stainless steel
  • Resin
  • Ceramic compounds

Patients who choose a tooth-colored porcelain crown often achieve more aesthetically pleasing results. Each crown is uniquely fabricated in a dental lab to blend in with your smile seamlessly, adding cohesion to the shape and size of your teeth.

Preparing And Placing Your Crown

During your first visit, our Newnan dental team will take X-rays of your tooth and jawbone to determine whether there are any dental risks present, like decay or infection. Should your dentist find anything that could compromise the success of your treatment, a surgery like a root canal may be necessary before the crown is placed.

Your dentist will prepare your tooth for the crown by giving you a local anesthetic and filing it down to the right shape and size. This will provide adequate space for the permanent covering without compromising the integrity of your tooth’s strong inner core.
Even though some tooth removal is necessarily, rest assured that your crown will be
carefully crafted to match the thickness of your remaining natural teeth so there is no imbalance. Once the tooth is shaped, your Newnan dentist will take an impression and use a shade guide to determine which color crown is best suited for you.

Should there be any major dental work involved, your dentist will utilize a temporary crown to serve as immediate protection for the prepared tooth. Once your tooth is fully healed – usually within a few weeks – and all risk-factors have been treated, you will revisit our Newnan office to have your permanent crown placed. Permanent crowns are much stronger than their temporary counterparts and fit in flawlessly with your original

If you’re interested in a dental crown or you would like to hear more about our treatment
options for missing and decaying teeth, contact our Newnan dental team today.