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Dental Fillings In Newnan, GA

Tooth Colored Fillings

Dental fillings, also known as composite or tooth-colored fillings, are used to restore the health, appearance, and functionality of your teeth when they are damaged by tooth decay or trauma. Modern-day dental fillings are more than the typical metal fillings of the past. Dental fillings are now color-matched to the rest of your teeth to provide a seamless and natural-looking smile.

Why Dental Fillings Are Needed

When tooth decay is left untreated, the affected area becomes a welcome home for harmful bacteria. Failing to remove the bacteria can lead to tooth decay, or cavities, and oral diseases like periodontal (gum) disease.

Although your Newnan dentist can remove bacteria from the spot a cavity once lived, they cannot reverse the damage that has already been done. Dental fillings take the place of the decayed material and strengthen the tooth in the process.

Even when cavities aren’t the primary cause of decay, dental fillings can be used to address a variety of oral health problems.

Advantages Of Dental Fillings

On top of their aesthetically pleasing appearance, dental fillings offer a wide variety of benefits that promote long-term oral health. Our Newnan dental office provides durable, tooth-colored fillings to patients who wish to:

  • Remedy Cavities
  • Preserve the integrity of their teeth and gums
  • Repair cracked, broken teeth, or several worn teeth
  • Prevent oral infections
  • Improve tooth functionality (i.e. chewing)

Additionally, an indirect filling in the form of an onlay or inlay can provide extra support to a weakened tooth structure.

How The Filling Process Works

During your initial consultation, our skilled dentist will help you decide which type of dental filling best meets your individual needs and goals. Newnan Dental Creations can often place dental fillings in a single visit without compromising your comfort or the treatment’s effectiveness. On the day of your filling, we will numb your mouth by injecting a local anesthetic to maximize your comfort and minimize any procedural risks. Afterwards, we will remove any traces of tooth decay and clean the area thoroughly. The “dead” space will then be filled with a composite filling that is carefully selected to match the color of your natural teeth. Finally, the filling will be hardened using a specialized lightening technique.

With proper at-home care and routine dental check-ups, a filling can last upwards of fifteen years, depending upon the type of filling material used. Contact our Newnan dentists today if you’d like to discover exactly how dental fillings can help preserve the lifespan of your smile.