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General Dentistry In Newnan, GA

High Quality Patient Care

At Southern Smiles Newnan, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality patient care and exceptional customer service. Southern Smiles Newnan has been treating patients with a variety of dental issues – no matter how severe or embarrassing – for nearly three decades.

General dentistry is focused primarily on the prevention and treatment of oral infections and diseases. Diagnosing a problem related to your oral health early plays a key role in its progression and treatment. We are pleased to offer our Newnan patients of all ages a variety of General Dentistry services, including:

Variety Of Dental Services

We offer preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental services to patients who are committed to bettering and/or maintaining their oral health. This includes professional teeth cleanings, the treatment of oral diseases and infections, and any other mouth-related issues that may put your overall health at risk.

Our experienced and family-oriented staff is excited to provide exceptional care through a variety of dental services, from teeth aligning and whitening to cavity and gum disease treatment. We utilize technology and modern dental techniques to deliver the most comfortable and effective care possible to our patients.

Should our General Dentistry services only solve a portion of your dental problems, we will recommend you to a reputable and trusted specialist to finish treatment. Rest assured that whether you are receiving General, Cosmetic, or Implant Dentistry services, we will make your unique dental needs and goals a top priority.

A Gateway To Your Overall Health

Your oral health is closely linked to your overall health, meaning that when you let a dental problem go untreated, you may be putting other areas of your body at risk. General dentists are trained to recognize when your oral health is having an impact on your general health and make any appropriate recommendation or referrals. For that reason, our general dentistry services may also encompass nutritional counseling, tips on wellness, and friendly advice on your daily habits.

Ready to put an emphasis on your long-term oral health and wellness? Contact our Newnan dental office today to learn more about the wide range of General Dentistry services we offer.